Places to Put Locks in Your Home You May Not Have Thought Of

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You probably already know how important it’s to lock your house up tight. Exterior door and window locks function as final line of protection against intruders. Don’t get so wrapped up in picking exterior put locks in your home that you neglect the interior of your house, though. Here are 5 areas to place locks in your home that might not have happened to you.

Naturally, a lot of folks love having solitude. It’s normal to place a doorknob lock on a bedroom door to maintain roommates and family members outside. But did you know that your bedroom may also act as a secure room in the event of a home invasion? Consider updating the lock on at least a single bedroom door to create a safe area to see if anyone actually breaks in when you are in the home.

Bathroom Doors

Like bedrooms, bathrooms may also create a valuable retreat in the event of a home invasion. Consider putting a solid lock on at least one door. While the odds of someone breaking in while you’re at home are low, it never hurts to update your inner safety.


Should you keep valuables inside your home, it’s worth investing in a fireproof safe. Built-in safes like floor safes would be the most secure, although a really heavy freestanding secure will dissuade the vast majority of home invaders. Fill the safe with not just jewelry, guns, and other valuable possessions, but also documents such as passports and birth certificates.

If you operate a home-based business or frequently retain copies of sensitive documents, contemplate a locking filing cabinet. Data theft and identity theft have been enormous problems in today’s world, and it takes only moments to get a burglar to rummage through an unlocked filing cabinet. Business owners that keep data on customers or personnel on hand must be especially cautious, as you could be held responsible for any data breaches that occur.


A locking desk drawer is a very helpful adjunct to some locking filing cabinet. Hard drives, thumb drives, and the like do not fit neatly into most filing cabinets, but are perfectly suited to some locking table. This is also a handy location to maintain records that you would like close at hand, but don’t want to risk being compromised.

Of course, these are simply a few of the places around your house which you may want to place locks. An expert security evaluation by a trusted local locksmith is your best approach to make sure that your house and its contents are as well protected as possible.

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